The German watch brand Tufina has announced a discount on their watches. Fans of German watches can buy their favorites for 70% less than the regular prices. The brand offers a range of handmade mechanical, automatic, and skeleton watches.

“The offer is valid only while stocks last. Right now, watch lovers can shop for their favorite models online, including Theorema and Pionier watches. We offer free worldwide shipping and a two-year warranty on all our watches,” says a spokesperson for Tufina Watches.

Tufina has a long history of watchmaking. Since 1828, the brand has been selling handmade watches. Each watch is hand-assembled in Germany and shipped with its original box and warranty card. Theorema and Pionier watches from Tufina have dozens of designs and styles.

“Unlike Swiss watches that emphasize brand value and marketing gimmicks, we stress quality and innovative technology. For example, while skeleton watches bring the art of watchmaking into plain sight, they require a lot of experience and skill. When combined with top-quality materials, you have a watch that lasts a lifetime. Our watches don’t cost thousands of dollars. Instead, they are affordable but last to be passed down as heirlooms,” he adds.

Tufina doesn’t spend a lot of money on marketing or advertising. They prefer to focus on delivering a great customer experience. They believe word-of-mouth publicity is more important and more likely to bring customers. “At Tufina, you can choose a model that matches your personality and get one-of-a-kind statement pieces,” adds the spokesperson.

About Tufina

Tufina is a German watch brand that specializes in handmade automatic and mechanical watches. The brand also delivers handmade skeleton watches.

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