Kettlebells are rapidly becoming one of the more commonly used workout tools by serious fitness fanatics. Why? Because they provide a fantastic workout experience. Many people find them superior to dumbbells due to their form and the way they force the muscles to work. In the TT Kettlebell Revolution program trainer Chris Lopez shows how to workout properly with kettlebells for various fitness goals. 

TT Kettlebell Revolution, which you can read about on is an online fitness plan in which Lopez teaches kettlebell workouts for beginners, intermediates, and experienced trainees. The program is designed for both men and women who want to take their training to the next level, to build strength, stamina, lean muscle tissue, and explosive energy. 

People who are bored with their current workout routine and have always found kettlebells to be exciting and wondered how to best train with them, will find that the variety and diversity of exercises in TT Kettlebell Revolution offers them a wide range of options with which to train. 

The program is good for muscle building, fat burning, fitness level elevation, and so on. For people who seek a challenging way to train, this is the plan to use. 

The program includes a variety of manuals including: a complete workout guide for women, a quick start guide, and the main workout manual. An upgrade package includes additional resources. 

Learning how to train safely and properly is easy with this program. It can make any kettlebell workout much more efficient and effective. 

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