New York — The internet has brought up many benefits for mankind but like every moon has its black scars, this great technological invention also has its blemishes.

Numerous cheaters are lurking on the web just to take the innocent viewers and users of Internet for a ride and their gift to the web world is scams.
Every now and then one comes across the news of some big or small scam surfacing with all its ugliness; some local while others even more menacing as they are global.

Every conscious citizen needs to fight this ugly monster to his or her full capabilities and the first thing that is required to accomplish this is reporting scams as and when they are noticed; to appropriate quarters.

Unfortunately; most innocent surfers of the Internet have little knowledge about how to report a scam, especially the online ones. True, scams occur with consistent regularities both online and offline. 

However, it is easier reporting an offline scam to the local police or law enforcement agency concerned but there is a substantial lack of knowledge among the web surfers about reporting authorities for online scams.

That is exactly where can step in and help the person who wants to report a scam

“If you have observed some scam or has become victim of a scam online; then the first thing you can do is coming to us at We will help you in reporting scams to proper quarters guiding you step by step through the process”, says the CEO of the Company. In addition; the site offers a whole lot of information about how to find out scam or fraud and report them and also the information on to whom you should report the particular scam.

Before going for any such reporting you have to appreciate that the report must reach the proper quarters. Not all the scams can be reported to the same authorities. You can always report these to authorities like the FBI but you need to know the nearest point of authority in doing so.

Victims or observers can report any type of Internet crimes and scams to Federal Trade Commission and contact the State Attorney General or approach the FBI. However, to protect your identity, security, finance, or information, you may also like to report to another agency directly related to the type of scam.

At you will find extra pages of information that will provide you the list of agencies for reporting scams to keep the cheaters at bay.

If you are interested in reporting scams, go to There you can report a scam and also report cheaters.

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