Las Vegas, Nevada; 23, October 2015: According to the company behind the availability of Truvisage skin care brand in the market, their skincare formula is better than Botox, due to 3 major factors. “As posted in the Internet, the consumers of our product have had confirmed, through their individual Truvisage review, that it works better than Botox and than any form of injections and chemical usage,” says Christine John, spokesperson.

First, this particular formula is not using any form of needles and injections. Thus, this is painless to avail of. “By purchasing our product and using it daily, the consumer will just subject herself in a day-to-day topical application, nothing else. No injections are needed,” adds the spokesperson.

Second, this skincare brand works using the natural and non-synthetic chemicals. The used ingredients of this formula are all extracted from herbs and plants. Thus, it is safe and harmless.

Third, this particular skincare solution is priced affordably. “When someone chooses Botox, she has to pay a lot of money. But, with our product, she can affordably have it.”

These three major reasons, according to the company, serve as the big reason why their solution is now highly celebrated. There are thousands of users, based on their recent sales report.

“We’re so glad that more and more people have been enjoying our skin care formula. We thank our expert formulators for doing their job well,” Ms. John further explains.

As to the efficacy of this formula, one consumer has this personal comment. “With Truvisage, I now love my skin. It’s really enticing to see now. My friends are now asking me what I did on my skin. Thanks!” —Pamela Johnson, 44.

This product is being offered online through an official webpage. There is a Truvisage risk-free trial program to avail of through an online processing system.

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