Clagary, Alberta; 29 June, 2013: Oxygenie Cleaning services offers a variety of services to their clients; these include upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and now they also offer pet stain removal from your furniture. 

Many people enjoy keeping pets but pets can make your home dirty by peeing and defecating on carpets and on furniture etc. These can leave unsightly stains and marks and also create a repulsive odour which is hard to remove, unless professionals are called for help. Luckily, if you live in Calgary, you can call Oxygenie Cleaning Service who are famous for providing cleaning services in Calgary, Airdrie, Bragg Creek, Priddis, Chestermere, Cochrane, High River, Langdon and Okotoks. 

Don’t attempt cleaning the carpet or furniture yourself after it has been stained by a pet’s litter activity. You will only end up spreading the stain and will not even be successful in removing the odour. What’s more is that you might end up harming the texture of the carpet or the upholstery. This Carpet Cleaning Calgary firm claims that they can effectively and thoroughly remove pet stains and odours without harming your furniture or your carpet. 

Just because pets can mess up your mattresses, carpets or rugs doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep them. Maybe it was true a few decades ago, but now thanks to the advancement of technology you can have those stains and odours removed in no time. 

There might be other cleaning services in your area, but there is a reason why you should only opt for Calgary carpet cleaning Services and that is because this unique company utilizes the oxygenation method and green products for their cleaning task. Oxy-Genie Cleaning has improved their services over the past few years and now they also include Scotch guard, deodorizers, disinfectants and sanitizers in the removal of pet stains and odours. Not only will the carpet, rug and furniture be protected from harmful chemicals, the surrounding air will be too. 

So, next time you are troubled with disturbing pet stains and odours, you will know whom to call. And there is no need of worrying if you don’t reside in Calgary but in nearby areas because their services are not limited to Calgary alone. 

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