United States of America; 16/12/2013: It is true that the present world of advancing technology is causing a gradual depletion of the natural world with its greens. But technology has worked on the solution for depleting greens too. It is now possible to grow grass on concrete areas. Artificial turf or grass can now be grown anywhere with the help of technology. The sports grounds and pitches, public gardens and parks, have artificial turf instead of real grass. Suntex Turf offers artificial turf for various purposes that cover both domestic and commercial areas. They offer high quality and sophisticated turfs to cover areas like sports grounds, pitches, private as well as public gardens, roofs, swimming pool areas, and other such places. They manufacture all kinds of grasses to be laid on any desired area.

Thanks to technology that growing grass on the roofs and concrete areas is now possible. In the current times, people prefer landscaping grass over real. The turf produced by Suntex artificial grass suppliers is more durable and lasting as compared to real grass. It is softer and greener than real. Apart from being indistinguishable from real grass, artificial grass has a number of advantages. It does not fade or turn yellow because of UV protection offered to stabilize the colours. The artificial grass or turf lasts for five to ten years on normal use. They are perforated products that drain water. Artificial grass produced by Suntex Turf can be used in landscape gardening.

The offices or other public areas often consider creating an artificial lawn on concrete areas to add a touch of soothing green. Suntex Turf supplies leisure artificial grass for such purposes. These grasses are available in various kinds that include China artificial grass mat, high quality landscaping artificial grass, hot selling Chinese cheap artificial grass, etc. They also install artificial grasses on roofs and terraces on private and public buildings to create artificial gardens or lawns. Suntex Turf also supplies kindergarten grass. They also install artificial grass on existing lawns.

Grass or turf needed for different areas is different. The kind of grass for cricket ground would differ from that required on golf areas. Suntex Turf provides golf artificial grass for golf grounds. They install special turf to create indoor golf areas. The grasses they offer for the purpose include Suntex golf putting mat, high quality golf mat turf, mini golf putting green, etc. For outdoor purposes, they offer different kinds of grasses that are soft and perforated to facilitate proper drainage. Sand and rubber infill is used for sport pitches because it provides an added cushioning effect to the turf.

About Suntex Turf

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Suntex Turf manufactures and installs high quality artificial turf or grass. They have different kinds of turfs to be laid on different areas like sports ground, public and private gardens or parks, roofs, lawns, etc. For better and detailed information, visit their website.