Edinburgh, Scotland - April, 2016
Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, "Trufax. A Factual Podcast." (http://trufax.podbean.com) is a fact-led discussion based podcast hosted by Ed Sanders, Dan Hills and Ryder Broadbent Smith. Each week a different topic is up for discussion as the team aim to answer (and ask) some of life’s more important questions. Where do dreams come from? Are ghosts a figment of our imagination? Do we need love to survive?

For fans of Answer Me This and QI’s No Such Thing As A Fish podcast, Trufax has covered topics ranging from Sharks to Love, by way of Conspiracy Theories and Maps. With a growing number of international followers enjoying the easy listening of the panel, the appeal of the podcast seems to be just as far-reaching as their range of topics.

New episodes are released every Wednesday (with the occasional bonus episode on Sundays) and so far Trufax has seen over 20,000 downloads since launching in January 2016. The podcast has been a mainstay in the New & Noteworthy section of the UK iTunes store where it has garnered many positive reviews. “It feels like you could step in at any point with your own opinion,” says one reviewer, “Guys with treacle-smooth voices speaking of things I never knew existed,” raves another fan.

Ed, from Nottingham, Ryder, from Brighton, and Dan, from the West Midlands, are all in their twenties and, as with all good ideas, came up with the early genesis for Trufax at the pub. Deep in intellectual conversation about Civilisation fuelled by half-remembered facts, the team realised almost immediately that they shared an interest in the will to both learn and educate simultaneously. Within a week the first episode of Trufax, on the subject of Ghosts, had been recorded.

A defining comment on iTunes states, “It was as if my mind went on a train of thought and never stopped.” The question is, how deep into the reaches of your mind will Trufax take you?

Fans of the podcast can contact Ed, Ryder and Dan via e-mail at [email protected], @TrufaxPodcast on Twitter or through the Trufax Podcast Facebook Page

To listen to the podcast subscribe to ‘Trufax. A Factual Podcast.’ via iTunes or use this URL for their RSS feed: http://trufax.podcast.com/feed

Dan Hills, Ed Sanders and Ryder Broadbent Smith
Trufax. A Factual Podcast.
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