PixalSoft, a Long Island software company founded by Prashant Saraswat and Anup Modi, has
just this year created a new platform for eCommerce, based on the concept of social and
professional connections. TrueGether is an online platform built with incorporated social network
connections to create trust between buyers and sellers and make transaction decisions easier
and more honest. The company states, “TrueGether is to eBay what Airbnb is to Expedia:
[otherwise stated] it is the eBay for connected generations.”

The company notes on their official “About Us” section how TrueGether came to be. “We
realized,” they say, “that most eCommerce transactions today happen between wellknown
sellers and buyers backed by the security of a credit card. This is primarily because it is difficult
to trust the other party in a transaction which is surrounded by anonymity… TrueGether.com
attempts to fill this void.”

The platform allows sellers to use the service for free, connecting their social networks in and
beginning to sell, everything from jewelry to furniture to antiques to technology. Buyers can then
use the connected social networks to determine the trustworthiness and compatibility of the
seller. TrueGether, through the social networks, can also directly inform buyers and sellers if
they are connected by network, work, school, interests or location. The platform also has a
critique and rating system to increase the level of trust and understanding between buyer and

A quick examination of the sellers on TrueGether reveals more about the way the system works.
Most buyers connect in using Facebook and/or LinkedIn, giving both a social and a more
professional profile for buyers to explore. There are a few clear top sellers, in clear locations,
mostly the East Coast of the United States and India, an occurrence which will probably even out
more as the platform grows. The pricing seems reasonable on the whole.

Modi and Saraswat profess themselves to be eager to play their part in the changing world of
eCommerce, and look forward to expanding their offerings and their influence through PixalSoft,
which, along with the New York base, has an India development center. TrueGether, on the
whole, looks to be an innovative and evolving platform with much potential to change the face of
online commerce and social networking.

About www.truegether.com
TrueGether is a global marketplace to buy and sell items with trust built on social and
professional profiles. It is a free online selling platform.

Media contact

Anup Modi
[email protected]
Massapequa, New York