March 2, 2013 — Kelowna, BC — Studies show anxiety, panic attack and stress related disorders are at an all time high. In fact workplace mental health issues cost global economies hundreds of billions of dollars per year in lost productivity and billions more in medical related costs. Mental health disorders are the fastest growing category of disability insurance in Canada according to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 

Stanton, a leading expert in stress and anxiety relief states, “The causes leading to these debilitating conditions are as numerous as the supposed treatments offered to cure them, making the journey to recovery almost as stressful as the condition itself.” 

Although having “options” is usually a good thing, in this instance many wrestling with relentless anxiety are often frozen in fear not knowing which direction to turn. 

Just a short list of the more popular anxiety and panic attack remedies include: 

- Counselling
- Therapy
- Self-help
- Doctor subscribed medication
- Yoga
- Relaxation therapy
- Natural remedies
- Aromatherapy
- Specific diet adjustments
- CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
- Hypnosis
- Exercise

(Side note: It is always strongly encouraged to consult with their doctor prior to beginning any such stress or anxiety treatment.) 

Statistics are showing a large percentage of anxiety sufferers, tired of the high costs of prescription medications like Xanax and Valium, as well as the undesirable side effects are now leaning towards natural anxiety relief products as a safer long term alternative. 

Various products for natural anxiety treatments are available in the market online as well as offline. However, some of the advantages with online transactions are the products can be ordered immediately and shipped right to your door, as well there is a plethora of information about these products allowing you to review their effectiveness and read experiences by other users prior to making a final decision. 

Of course there are numerous websites that review medicinal and non medicinal products. Such websites are generally not associated with the pharmaceutical firms or product manufacturers. Therefore their reviews are typically reliable and based on online research as well as feedback of actual consumers. is one such website. The site hosts numerous reviews on natural anxiety treatment products, courses on stress relief self help and audio programs as well as informative articles. Review Anxiety Treatments may prove to be a complete resource for information and consumer feedback of natural anxiety remedies

Among the natural anxiety treatment products and self help informational products are Panic Away and Seredyn. While the former is a self help program in the form of an e-book, the latter is a natural supplement. 

As the name suggests, Panic Away guides its readers through the various methods of a panic attack cure. It is an e-book by Barry Joe McDonagh, also known as Joe Barry. McDonagh has personally suffered from panic attacks, which is why he formulated this program treatment method. The Panic Away course was written about a decade ago but is still one of the highest selling products for treatment of panic attacks and anxiety. 

On the other hand, Seredyn is a natural product for the treatment of anxiety. It is manufactured by BioNeurix. The manufacturer claims Seredyn is effective for the treatment of insomnia, social anxiety and panic attacks. It is to be consumed on an empty stomach and is claimed to show results within 15 minutes of consumption. Its effectiveness rate is shown as 90%, which is considerably higher than most other related anxiety products. Seredyn claims an 8 hour window of effectiveness and can be taken up to 3 times daily. There is also refund policy of 3 months with the product. 

Both the products have been rated 9 out of 10 by Review Anxiety Treatments. 

For more information on Panic Away, Seredyn or the full list of anxiety products reviewed by Review Anxiety Treatments click here 

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