Vincent J. Maloney, Attorney at Law reveals important insights on how DUI penalties are handled in the State of Michigan.

May 28, 2015 — Traverse City’s Vincent J. Maloney, Attorney at Law, has published an article on his website, “DUI Penalties in the State of Michigan”. The attorney opens by revealing the first two offenses are misdemeanors, while a third drunk driving charge is treated as a felony. He then goes on to discuss the branches of state government involved in the process.

In Michigan, the Court and The Secretary of State administer penalties in a DUI case. The article explains that one must be tested for alcohol at least daily prior to their plea in court and until there’s a dismissal, verdict, or sentencing. A positive screening leads to a bond violation. The author also explains the specifics of probation officers assigned after a conviction or a plea of guilty.

In addition, the specifics of court penalties are explained. Also are how the court considers the level of offense. Individual offenses include driving under the influence, high alcohol content driving, and impaired driving. Second offenses often carry more consequences, while alcohol screening is typically performed during probation.

The article also explains the role of Michigan’s Secretary of State after a plea or conviction. They impose the driving restrictions based on the level of offense and the provisions of which the convicted person is allowed to drive. Also mentioned are suspensions of driving privileges, reinstatement fees, and the process of restoring a driver’s license.

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