15, September 2014: Travers Dental Practice in Kings Cross is well known for their comprehensive dental service and superior patient care, and now the practice is being recognized as having the best Dental Implant in the area. According to a spokesperson for the practice, “dental implants have become a popular option for many who want to have healthy gums and a great smile. We pride ourselves on offering the best dental implant service around.”

Travers Dental offers existing and potential clients a complete discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants and provides a free quote to let patients know the cost of proceeding with implant surgery. Patients are advised that dental implants are a more permanent solution to traditional dentures, and given the details of the procedure involved and the time frame they can expect from the start of the process until the implants are fully healed and the new teeth in place.

Patients usually start their relationship with Travers Dental Practice by visiting their website. Here, they will find a complete description of the firm and the services they offer. They can also read about dental implants and the surgical process involved. If they are ready to move forward with dental implants they can request a free quote directly from the website before coming to the office for a consultation.

Travers Dental Practice serves patients in Kings Cross, Holborn, Bloomsbury, Tavistock Square, Russell Square, Euston and The City.

To learn more about the Travers Dental Practice dental implant service visit http://www.traversdentist.co.uk/blog/dentist-kings-cross or call 020 3199 0135 to speak with a representative.

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