06 June, 2014: As every year, the online travel agency Travelgenio presents its results, in this case, of the year 2013 with a gross turnover that rises to € 180 MM. This cipher, which duplicates the results of the previous year, talks about the continuous growth that the company has experienced since its creation in 2010 by Mariano Pelizzari and supports the clear commitment made last year in increasing its international presence and improving their resources for the customer service.

With an established presence and a growing quota in the international market, countries like Spain, France, Germany or Italy are its main markets, but the reality is that it also operates in countries like Norway, Portugal and the UK.

As Mariano Pelizzari, Travelgenio’s CEO, says “being able to publish these results, that improve forecasts and last years’ billing is a sucess. Everyday more and more travelers rely on our work, and this is the inspiration that makes us want to improve our services and earning their trust. This 2014 is a year with many new challenges. We want to start operating in new markets and also improve our results to a gross turnover of about €300MM”.

This year, the travel agency plans to arrive to new countries to continue expanding its international presence. That’s why they will arrive with all their products during next months to countries like Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and also to some American countries like Brazil or Argentina.

For Additional Information Visit the Website at: http://blog.travelgenio.co.uk