Haven't you been to Green Island in Taiwan yet? It's time to think about the trip!
Green Island is the fourth largest of the islands belonging to Taiwan. The island is famous for its developed industry of diving, snorkeling and camping.
Hot springs are also included in water activities on the island. Agree that is very romantic to take a steam-bath in hot water with hydro massage, while listening to the sound of the sea and admiring the stars. Many visitors of the island can not refuse this temptation in Taiwan.
Camping is also a popular activity here in Taiwan. If you like spending the night in a tent, Green Island is a paradise for tourists. There is a separate, fitted for tents area here, where you can even find a wooden structure with awnings, under which you can pitch a tent in case it starts raining. And, of course, practically next to each place for a tent there is a tap with water. Also, the area is equipped with toilets.
For hikers on the island there are several paths by which one can deepen into the island.