India; 18, April 2015: Travelling is a passion for many and each one of us goes on vacations time and again. Before going on vacations one must make sure that they fully prepared and made all the bookings in advance. One should not leave things for the ending day and get the tickets and hotel bookings done through experts. One of the most explored areas of India where huge amount of visitors go all year round is the North-Eastern region. Travel Speak aims to provide the visitors with important information to the travellers and help them book hotels while they visit this region. 

All the seven states of North eastern India are known for their beauty and diversity. There are various festivals and carnivals going on in these states. One needs to stay aware of the months that are best for visiting these states and the areas that are worth exploring. They should make a proper research and consult with a good travel agency that helps them get all the information about the places to visit, activities to be explored and the correct time to visit these areas. Going unprepared at the wrong time of the year would make the vacation boring and one would not be able to enjoy their vacation properly. 

The travellers can also surf through the website providing proper information and make their arrangements accordingly. Since there are huge amount of hills in the north-eastern states one should make sure that they avoid the rainy season as it can affect their vacation. There are various vacationers who like to travel on bikes around the mountainous region. This site aims to provide them with proper idea of the direction and the routes that they can use while they are travelling. People travelling in their own car should have a proper look on the routes mentioned and it will be much easier to select routes that provide nice scenic beauty and are safe. 

Along with the scenic beauty the wildlife sanctuary and temples of North east are also worth visiting. Some of the well known sanctuaries are Kaziranga, Orange national park, Pobitora wildlife sanctuary and much more. One does not visit these areas everyday and this makes it all the more important to have an idea of all the places that are worth visiting. Along with these information travel speak also intends to help the vacationers to book hotels, get tickets and important passes for specific areas in North east. Having a look at the hotels and booking a room before leaving the home would reduce the burden of searching the hotels after reaching the place. 

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