17, July 2015: Travel safety is a platitude which our parents and teachers often teach us since we were very young. For example we should not run the red lights and should watch both sides before crossing the road, etc. However, the accidents occur each year apart from force majeure. Many of them result from the lack of safety awareness and safety equipment. Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter will tell users some tips from both safety awareness and safety equipment.

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Safety Awareness

Do not run the red lights even though there is no car on the road. Waiting for decades of second or one minute do not bring you too much loss. While the cost of running the red lights is so high that no one wants to see the tragedy.

Do not go in the wrong direction. Roads are full of vehicles moving forwards and backwards. Going in the wrong direction will lead to crash which may turn into serious accidents.

Ride on the pavement. For the time being, there is no traffic regulation of the self-balancing electric unicycle to protect the rider. Therefore we should ride on the pavement rather than shuttle on road. Do not ride on the motorway in particular.

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Do not wear earphone. If earphones are worn when riding the one-wheel electric scooter, the sound of vehicles or the whistle behind will be ignored, which may result in serious accidents.

Do not ride with head down. Be careful of the road. Look forward when riding so the obstacles like the hole and glasses can be avoided.

Safety Equipment


Do not feel wearing the helmet is rustic because it can rescue your life in the danger. The data collected form the accidents of bicycle, motorcycle shows the riders with the helmet are less likely to be hurt seriously than those without the helmet. It is better to wear the helmet when traveling with one-wheel unicycle. Helmet is necessary for traveling with the electric scooter.

Lights for riding

For office workers, working overtime or exercising after work at night is quite usual. Front lights and flashlights are necessary for riders to see the road or warn pedestrians and vehicles, which help traveling at night become safer.

Airwheel electric unicycle hopes each rider can travel safely and enjoy a happy riding life.

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