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Translumina Therapeutics sparks off the cost warfare in the treatment of coronary heart disease
Angioplasty with a drug eluting stents in India to go down by 35% 40%
For the first time a European drug eluting stent for the treatment of coronary artery disease has been manufactured in India. Translumina Therapeutics LLP, a sister concern of Advanced Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd, one of the fastest growing Indian medical device companies in association with 2 German entities, German Heart Centre and Translumina GmbH ,have announced the successful commissioning of their manufacturing unit at Dehradun in India. With an initial investment of Rs 50 crores, the company expects to manufacture 15000 drug eluting stents annually.
“Our manufacturing unit not only caters to the need of the Indian market but also fulfills the global requirement, especially the Asian and European markets” informs Mr. Gurmit Singh Chugh, Managing Director, Translumina Therapeutics. The drug eluting stent ´Yukon choice PC‘ has been manufactured using a patented technology of German Heart Centre, Munich which makes it safer for the patients in the long run. “Clinical trials carried out in Europe has proven that the product is as equal and in some cases better than the current available drug eluting stents across the globe” informs Mr Chugh. According to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, by 2015, more than 6.15 crore people would be suffering from coronary heart disease with a significant number of the patients being in the age group of 20 to 29 years.
Keeping in view the price sensitive market, the company has deliberately kept the cost of the stent quite affordable. “The economical price means high volumes as more patient shall be able to afford angioplasty with these medicated stents. If you see at the end, it is win-win situation for us and the patients” informs Mr Chugh. With the availability of the product , the cost of treatment of coronary artery disease will be drastically reduced to 35-40% At present, Indian patients have a choice of imported medicated stent which are available at price between Rs.90,000 -1,00,000 depending on extend of studies carried out to prove its efficacy or safety. Since most of the patients in India pay from their pocket, these high prices of stents prevented them to access the treatment of angioplasty. Mr. Chugh further informs that Yukon Choice PC has born out of collaboration of a first kind of World class Hospital, German Heart Centre and a company, Translumina GmbH. In this arrangement hospital is providing the technical support while engineering support and other the manufacturing expertise is provided by the German company.
“Think Global and act local” was missing in this fast growing market in India. In China, the local manufacturers have more than 85% market share of the Drug Eluting Stent market where as in India US multinationals dominate with more than 70% market share. The only problem with the Indian DES manufacturers in the last 5 years is that they never aspired to create a world class product with good quality and sufficient clinical Data. YUKON PC is first Indian DES that combines the quality, clinical data and engineering competence of Germany with the cost advantages of Indian manufacturing” elaborates Mr. Gurmit Singh Chugh.

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