A holiday in Phuket luxury villas can never go without a taste of the traditional cuisines. If yourent the luxurious Summer Estate Villa Natai for having a holiday in Phuket, you will also be able to taste a lot of cuisines that can ignite the taste buds for a remarkable getaway.


Most people from outside Thailand only know about Thai foods from their local Thai restaurants, while others have not tried them but are aware about their delicacies. Perhaps spending a holiday in the Summer Estate Villa Natai, one of the bestPhuket luxury villasavailable in Thailand, is a sure way of tasting the traditional Thai cuisines as well as becoming an expert at preparing them.


The luxurious villas in Phuket have lots of excellent features to make any holiday in Thailand remarkable. Most people are accustomed to trying out dishes from their host countries while on a holiday and a holiday in Phuket can never be an exception. Phuket is rich when it is abouttraditional Thai cuisines. It happened due to the island being an international meeting ground for many tourists.


While residing in one of the luxurious villas available in the island, one is sure to come along several dishes. Nowadays, the tourists come from different places around the world, but Thai cuisines are still the most popular and preferred type of meals. While relaxing at one’s villas, there are plenty of popular meals to begina day with.


One of the most popular breakfasts is boiled rice, served with a meat option paired with other titbits. It can also include an egg. This dish is very popular, energizing and healthy; thus making it the most preferred among the locals. If this dish sounds too habitual, residents of Phuketthink of roti and Mussaman curry, which trace their sources from the Malaysian and Indian subcontinent cuisines.


During the afternoon hours, the villa renters can opt for the Thai lunch delicacies. There is no need for burgers, chicken nuggets and sandwiches, as Thailand has fast foods that are much fresher, tastier and healthier. If one does not prefer making orders, then the villas are stocked with fully equipped kitchens for the preparation of these foods. The options are too many, including Kwaytio(a noddle soup), pad Thai goong(a combination of rice noodles with prawns) and Kao pad (adish of rice with seafood).

Another lunch cuisine,common in the island, is the popular Kao Niow paired with Gang Yang, which is sticky rice combined with chicken barbecue. This dish is best enjoyed without the formality of cutlery, which is an expression of the Thai tradition. For dinners in Phuket, there are no strict rules on what one must eat. Many Thais simply enjoy a bowl of light and healthy noodles.


Most families take dinner as their most important meal of theday and this moment brings family members together. Thus, it may comprise of dishes that are more elaborate and take time to prepare. A good choice for dinners include satay gai (grilled chicken,prepared with honey and herbs marinade) paired with a sauce made from peanut. Another set is a dishcomposed of catfish (deep-fried) and served with spicy salad. You can try all these dishes while enjoying your holiday in Thailand.


The Summer Estate Villa Natai is one of the best Phuket luxury villas available in Thailand.You can rent it for having a luxurious vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life.