Seattle, WA —, the free web app that aims to help investors reap more profits by making them more disciplined stock traders, officially went live with a beta release today at

The web app makes it easier for investors to earn money by logging trade details that will not only record what was done, but also create a trading plan. When the trade is logged, the trader enters details such as their stop loss and target price to ensure that they know what they will do ahead of time.

“Emotions tend to play a huge role in losing stock trades. Emotions cause people to panic when their stock is going down, or to get greedy when stocks rise,” said Ryan Chin, Founder. “Creating a plan for your trade well before they exit helps eliminate emotions and instills discipline which leads to higher profits and less losses for investors.” also allows traders to learn from their most profitable trades, as well as the biggest losing ones. Analytics, which are provided for free as a part of the app, allow investors to see how their trade idea sources, strategies and exit reasons perform. Based on the analytics, investors can emulate the trade idea sources, strategies and exit reasons of the winners; and likewise avoid the causes for the losing trades.

“Most people don’t learn from their past stock trading, good or bad, nearly as much as they could,” said Ryan Chin, Founder. “The reason is simple: most people don’t take the time to carefully record what they did, along with why they did it. It’s a matter of discipline, something so straightforward, yet rarely done. was built with the intent to teach people about their past mistakes.”

After trades are recorded, traders can choose to share the details with friends. Friends can then view details such as the purchase price, target price, trade idea source, and reason for buying. Once the user sells their stock and update the trade in with the exit details, they can view analytics that help them learn.

Interested investors can join free of charge by visiting the site and taking one minute to fill out a few fields after clicking the “Sign Up” link. For more information on, visit

About is a web app for making investors more profitable by creating stock trade diaries where they can log stock trades. By logging stock trades, instills discipline by having the trader predetermine where they will exit (profit and stop loss), as well teaches what actions and decisions lead to their best trades through analytics.

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