Jacksonville, USA — People who enjoy socializing during the evenings or during the weekends with drinks and champagnes often don’t think much about driving back home under the influence of alcohol. DUI is a felony in United States as a driver who is under influence can potentially not only risk his or her life but others as well.


Addressing the issue, TowingJax, one of the leading Jacksonville towing service providers, recently announced its new towing program for drivers in Jacksonville that can save them from DUI charges, and allows them to reach home safely after a rocking party.

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Vehicle owners can simply give a call to TowingJax and get their vehicles picked and dropped safely to desired destination. While the vehicle owners sit in one of their tow trucks, the vehicle is safely towed away.

Highlighting the service offered through the program, the owner of the company said, “We will pick-up you and your vehicle up and tow it safely to your destination when you’re ready to return home. It’s that easy! Passengers will ride in the comfort of one of our tow trucks, whilst your vehicle is being safely towed home for one flat rate!”

Throwing light on how important it is not drive vehicle under the influence of alcohol, one of the senior technicians at the company was quoted as saying — “Avoid the inconvenience of having to pick your car up the next day. Even more importantly, take care of you and others — avoid a ticket, jail time after being charged with a DUI.”

TowingJax encourages people who drink a few pegs every now and then to not drive under the influence, and company spokesperson was quoted as saying — “The better option is to avail the towing services of the company after which, there won’t be a necessity to leave back your vehicle and come to pick it up the next morning.”

The company offers its towing services in Jacksonville at one flat rate throughout the city.

About the Company

TowingJax is one of the popular vehicle towing service providers in Jacksonville. The services offered by the company includes roadside assistance, towing of vehicles of all types including cars, vans and trucks, trailer towing, boat towing and much more.

To know more about TowingJax, or contact them for any sales enquires visit www.towingjax.com

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