16 June, 2014: Customers interested in geology and booking a stay on Menorca through companies like Bartle Holidays may be interested in an upcoming book, which aims to accurately map out all of the island’s rock formations. 

This initiative, which focuses on one of the most popular aspects of the island for nature enthusiasts, will be developed with a view to encouraging eco-tourism on Menorca, providing tourists interested in this type of holiday with a guide to exploring the island’s natural rock configurations. 

The tome in question, titled ‘Menorca: Camins I Piedras’ (‘Menorca: Paths And Stones’) is being devised by two local geologists, and will most likely be published in a format similar to that of a tour guide, allowing hikers vacationing in Menorca to easily slip it into their backpack or rucksack. 

Among the information contained in the book will be a detailed explanation of Menorca’s geological configuration, as well as the value of its many rock formations. The remaining chapters will be dedicated to exploring each of these formations in detail, covering dunes, cliffs, hillsides, wetlands and even urban rocks found around the island. Each spot will be covered through full-colour picture and text blurbs in three languages — English, Spanish, and Catalan. 

To fund this project, its two authors have resorted to popular crowd-funding platform Verkami. They established a goal of €3850 (£3130) and had managed to gather 85% of the necessary amount by the middle of last month, 17 days before the funding deadline on June 1. 

Menorca was given the status of Biosphere Reserve as early as 1993, and is considered to possess some of the most fascinating ‘hidden gems’ and unexplored natural spots in the Mediterranean region. Even the rise in tourist activity, represented by accommodation-rental companies such as Bartle Holidays, has done little to alter the natural wealth of the island or harm its status as a natural haven off the coast of Europe. 

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