The Tourism Review Digital Network is announcing the release of their Tourism Review Spanish edition. With this edition, they hope to reach the great amount of the populace that speaks and read primarily Spanish, which includes over 420 million people, 200 million of which are internet users. It is one out of eight language editions that the website offers, in the hopes to showcase and expand the potential for travel markets in countries that use these languages.

About Tourism Review

Tourism Review is an online resource for travel industry professionals and organizations from all corners of the globe. They have worked hard to appeal to audiences worldwide, and now they have expanded further by developing a Spanish edition of their website ( This adds to a long list of website editions in varying languages, including German, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, French, and Arabic. With a great majority of the population speaking Spanish (over 420 million), this has been viewed as an intelligent move on the part of the company.

Travel companies of all kinds can now access the growing market of those who use the Spanish language primarily. The possibilities are enormous, and Tourism Review is glad to be the one to acknowledge them.

“Through the Tourism Review Digital Network we reach all important tourism markets in Europe, Americas, Middle East, and Asia. We are ready to assist our client to penetrate local markets within the above regions.” boasts the company. “TR is dedicated to serve not only the big players but smaller businesses as well. Therefore we offer a range of advertising options that tackle the needs of any advertiser.”

Tourism Review offers many services for those in the travel industry, including publicity, press release creation and distribution, advertising including video promotion, and an enhanced listing in the Global Tourism Directories. Their goal is to help travel companies expand their borders and reach audiences that they might not have on their own.

To learn more about the Tourism Review, visit their English website at or their Spanish website at

About Tourism Review Digital Network (TRDN):

Multilingual news channels for travel industry stakeholders: daily news, weekly travel newsletter, tourism industry e-magazine, press release wire.

Tourism Review, The Respected Voice of Tourism, already speaks 8 languages and therefor reaches travel industry professional in their local languages. These in-market, multilingual approach, is unique and gives to our partners opportunity to penetrate local travel markets through an extensive publicity tools, smart online advertising, and local social media. The Tourism Review Digital Network is the one stop shop for getting promotion internationally comprehensively in effective way.

Currently The Tourism Review Digital Network editions : flagship, also German edition, Russian edition, Polish edition, Czech & Slovak edition, French edition –, Arabic edition —, Spanish Edition —


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