Toronto, ON, Canada — Ace Physio is launching a brand new website that will allow everyone to understand their own bodies, the benefits of physiotherapy and the therapies offered by Ace Physio.

Ace Physio (Physiotherapy Toronto) provides clients and the public with the latest information on physical therapy.

On our website, readers will find videos, blogs and other resources to help them under how physical therapy work and the latest innovations available to them:

Laser Therapy — Through the use of cool lasers, we are able to help fractures heal more quickly and completely. LASER light is absorbed by certain proteins. It can not only help fractures heal, but can increase regeneration of damaged nerves and can help nerves conduct signals more efficiently.

Acupuncture — This is an ancient science that is constantly evolving and improving. Acupuncture is used to reduce pain, speed healing and open pathways of energy through the human body.

Custom Orthotics — The right support device can make all the difference in the world to someone suffering from an injury or a physical defect. We offer custom orthotics, designed specifically to fit your body.

Shockwave Therapy — This therapy uses high-intensity sound waves to interact with the tissues of the body. It can reverse chronic inflammation, stimulate collagen and help to break up calcium build up in the body.

Everything that we do at Ace Physio is designed to help you recover from injury, overcome disability and live your fullest, pain-free life.

Our new website is designed to show you everything you need to know to feel great and even prevent injuries.

You will find information on the latest therapies, stretches and exercises to prevent injury and professional explanations of common ailments and injuries. Please bookmark our website and check in with us as we add more information and improve it every day.

Please contact us at Ace Physio if you have any questions. Website: Telephone: 647-361-7526. Our office is in down-town Toronto, right in the centre of the city to help you get the relief you need.

Remember: Ace Physio is dedicated to helping you live your fullest, freest pain-free life.

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