Toronto, ON, Canada  — Chris Allen, Toronto’s Real Estate Authority is leveraging sales success to fund his philanthropic efforts, Allen’s philosophy of sales and real estate is simple.

“Loyalty, relationships, and results mean success for my clients and my business is powered by their success” said Allen.

Allen has already made his mark in the Toronto real estate business world.  A veteran of the Canadian Forces, Allen has 10 years of proud service and was awarded the General Campaign Star for service in South West Asia.  He has worked with some of Donald Trump’s, the American real estate mogul, top advisors and is continuing his stellar career.

“For me now, up is the only way I can go,” Allen said with a smile.

Business is only one side of Allen.  Philanthropy is very near and dear to his heart, and Allen is proud to announce he has expanded his philanthropic missions.

“I enjoy working with youth.  One of the most valuable things I can give youth is my time.  I believe that it’s important to teach them that the best thing they can do with their lives is to use them to help other people.  The more time we can invest in youth, the better the world will be,” Allen said.

Already involved heavily with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto and the North York General Hospital Foundation, Allen is pleased to add yet another community organization to his growing list.

“Adding the Scarborough Stingers Baseball Club is a dream of mine.  Sports are an extremely important tool in the development and fitness of today’s youth and I'm glad that I can play an active role within our community,” Allen added.

The Scarborough Stingers offer a program of elite AAA Rep baseball and instruction for young players in Scarborough, East Toronto and the surrounding communities.

Of course, there is another more personal reason for this as well, and Allen said this with a huge grin.

“I get to see some darn good baseball too.” he said.

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