Topps India launches its 2013 series of Cricket Attax- The official trading card game of PEPSI IPL

The new collection of Topps Cricket Attax 2013packs a surprise addition of Reward coupon

Mumbai, 4thApril 2013: Topps India Sports & Entertainment Company introduced India to the very exciting culture of collectible trading card games with Cricket Attax.Record-breakers in the space, Cricket Attax is the craze of the season for kids and has been acclaimed as one of the most successful features associated with IPL during the years.The quintessential feature of Cricket Attax, given the collection and the game, is that it allows kids themselves to be the selectors or owners of their own dream team, much like the real tournament. Kids can not only make their own team but also play it off with other kids to win Cricket Attax T-20 matches.

Following on from the success of the previous collections, Topps is now proud to announce the launch of Cricket Attax 2013 collection. Cricket Attax is based on the popular Indian T-20 cricket property — PEPSI Indian Premier League and is its official trading card game. This exciting game of strategy and skill really tests ones knowledge of cricket and creates a connect with the players, bringing fans closer to the league and its superstars. Cricket Attax is a game for 2 players, just like a real PEPSI IPL T20 matches, the aim is to beat your opponent by scoring the most runs and losing the fewest wickets. The collection has 6 new stats, all the latest super-stars of the game with updated stats and a new product line, with an All NEW starter pack!

The different packs available include:









IPLCricketAttaxCarry Box



50 + 2 free packets + 1 Limited Edition card




IPLCricketAttaxCollector Tin



25 regular cards, 3 Silver + 2 Gold foil cards, 1 special 3-D lenticular Card + 1 LE card







Collector Binder, Game Pitch, Full Rules & Checklist page, 5 player cards, LE Card

Limited Edition card



IPL Cricket Attax Blister pack of 6


6 - Cricket Attax packets, (total 30 cards)and

One gold foil card




IPL Cricket Attax Blister Pack of 3


15 cards + 1 free silver card




IPLCricketAttaxflowpackof 5 cards



5 cards



The Cricket Attax collection comprises of primarily two key components ‘Cards’ and ‘Starter Packs’. There are a total of 194 cards to be collected including 144 regular cards, 25 sliver effect foil cards and 25 gold effect foil cards. In addition there are three limited edition cards of Gautam Gambhir, Virendra Sehwag and Virat Kohli with 50’s-Carries Box, Starter Pack and Collector Tin. With Cricket Attax collectors can select and create their own team with their favourite icons like Tendulkar, Dhoni, Kallis, Dravid, Ganguly, Gilchrist and Pollard just waiting to be found in card packets. This year the game features exciting new additions in the Cricket Attax 3 collection. The 6 new stats on matches, wickets, bowing strike rate, IPL runs, high score and batting average present more ways to win in the game.

Topps has announced ‘Cricket Attax Rewards program’ for the collectors and fans of IPL teams. This rewards program provides collectors with anopportunity to win excitingPepsi IPL merchandise through a unique winning code on reward coupons inside lucky Cricket Attax packets. In addition to the merchandise, collectors can win big prizes like IPL match tickets and meet& greet with IPL team players.

The prizes can be redeemed in three simple steps by collectors:

1)      Reward coupon winner sends SMS with Power Code

2)      On validation, Reward coupon winner is sent a PrizeCode through SMS

3)      Reward coupon winner enters the PrizeCode on the promo Microsite

4)      Reward coupon winner provides personal information to discover the prizewon

Complete playing rulesand information on the‘Cricket Attax Rewards program’, product line and Cricket Attax events, are available

Mr.Sanjeev Katyal, Head of India operations of Topps said, “Topps has created its own success stories with Cricket Attax, India’s No. 1 collectable brand and the biggest merchandise licensee of IPL. Cricket Attax’s innovative product design, launch strategy & execution have already won us the Global Toy of the Year award at LIMA, Licensing Industry’s apex global organisation. With the launch of Cricket Attax 2013-14 collection we are set to create new benchmarks in product and game innovation with addition of new ratings and new ways to play! The enhanced gaming experience along with our a first of its kind rewards program is set to widen the grin for every kid opening a Topps Cricket Attax pack this year”

About availability:

The range is currently under distribution and will soon be available at all major modern retail and about 50,000 plus mom & pop outlets across the country.



About Topps

Topps, based out of New York, USA, is an international marketer of sports & entertainment products, principally collectible trading cards, confections, sticker collections, and collectible strategy games. Synonymous with major licenses such as Major League Baseball, English Premier League Football, Star Wars and WWE, Topps collectables are available in over 40 key markets worldwide. Some of the renowned global brands of Topps include, Match Attax — the official trading card game & collection of English Premiere league, Slam Attax — the WWE trading card game & collection and Force Attax - the Star Wars trading card game and collection, apart from many other collections in the sports & entertainment space. Topps invented the modern Trading card in 1952 and since then are global market leaders in the sports and entertainment cards’ space. In terms of product lines, Topps is engaged in making and marketing of kids’ collectibles. Topps was the first to add the player statistics on its cards and is known for its innovations in card designs and editorial & game development capabilities.

Topps entered into India in November 2010 and launched its brand Cricket Attax, the official trading card game of IPL in April 2011. Topps India is a division of Topps Europe Ltd, a company registered out of Milton Keynes UK.

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