Child safety is always considered one of the most important issues in society. Parents are very concerned about how to keep their children healthy and secure. They watch their little ones’ diets, get them vaccinated, and of course, purchase car seats to keep them safe while on the road. There are plenty of car seats on the market, but only a handful are considered the cream of the crop. names the criteria for choosing the best rated infant car seats .

Infant car seats are rear-facing seats that are intended to carry new born and small babies. They are generally designed to carry babies from 5 to 22 lbs. in weight, and their considered better than convertible seats for children below 20 lbs. That is because their smaller size often provides a more snug and secure fit for these very young children.

However, what does it take for an infant car seat to be rated one of the best? One of the most important factors is safety. Because infant seats are primarily considered to be safety equipment, they have got to provide superior protection from all kinds of impacts, whether from the back, front, or side. Those seats that carry a high-density foam lining, a five-point safety harness and anti-rebound features are considered the safest for babies.

Naturally, a child’s comfort also matters. The best rated car seats for infants provide a restful ride as well as a secure one. To achieve the desired level of comfort, these should have a breathable seat cover and a well-padded seat, together with a weather canopy or sunshade to provide privacy and keep off the glare.

Finally, for consumers and experts alike to give a top rating to an infant seat it has to be mom-and-dad-friendly too. It should install easily and securely, because a seat that is hard to install often ends up being used incorrectly and providing inadequate protection. It should also have a cover that is easy to clean, and a harness that can be adjusted and fastened without too much trouble.

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