Available in both Spanish and English, the new user-friendly website is full of resources, inspiration, knowledge and relevant issues for different areas!

July 02, 2015, New York, NY, USA- TOPIK.IN is a brand new website that has been created with an aim to provide the masses with a unique platform, which allows them to enhance their presence on the web through content curation. It is a free platform that publishes content curation through virtual boards, where users can filter, gather and share with their network of contacts, clients and the whole cyberspace, the most complete, relevant and interesting information they can find on the internet based on their experience, knowledge and personal criteria.

According to company’s spokesperson Carlos Castiblanco: “Our platform is about having interesting topics organized in virtual boards that you can create according to your own interests and criteria. Then you can publish them as posts and share them on your social network, this will help you to stand out among your contacts and show your expertise on the internet.”

Available in Spanish and English, TOPIK.IN is a one-stop online portal for anyone looking for new information, resources, knowledge, inspiration, and relevant issues. So whether it’s a casual user, business professional, blogger, designer or artist, the site is a perfect medium to engage with the target audience through interesting posts and gain major exposure. With advanced search feature and a broad range of categories, it’s quite easy to understand and navigate the site. However, those who are not computer savvy can watch their simple 3 step video tutorial and learn how to add a topic, or post on the site.

Some of the key features of TOPIK.IN are:
· Free sign up with just a single click, and completely free to use
· An ideal platform for bloggers, artists, businesses, designers and general public
· Create topics and posts
· Share posts on social media
· Bookmarklet feature
· Follow posts by other contributors
· Gain major exposure

Although, the site was launched quite recently, it has received quite an impressive response from users worldwide.

For more information, simply visit: http://www.topik.in/

TOPIK.IN is a newly launched bi-lingual digital content curation website that allows users to create interesting topics and posts, and share them with the world. The main concept of the site is to provide people with a platform where they can boost their web presence.

Contact Person: Carlos Castiblanco
Phone: 917.655.8597
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.topik.in/
Address:8437 Fleet Court #75B, Middle Village, NY 11379