A new website has recently caught the media attention for its effort in helping users of cloud storage to make well informed decisions. There is a large number of small companies and startups that are storing important company data in the cloud. While this is a secure storage solution both online and offline, it is important for owners to know the risks involved.

Find Online Backup is one of the largest storage providers today, and its reviews have been highly indispensable to customer companies and businesses all alike. The website takes into account both the user review as well as the researches and findings of the professional. With these two combined together, it has been unbeatable in the industry.

One of the most popular cloud based file backup that has recently been taking its rounds is the MyPCBackup. This is a new and improved service that has been offered by the same company that also owns JustCloud. At the very outset, this new product has been designed with one purpose in mind — to offer user friendly services to customers. The downloading process is very simple and quick at the same time. One of the most loved features is the easy to comprehend instructions that are designed to offer step by step guidance to the new user. This feature is quite similar to that of JustCloud.

While it is designed to make even the computer illiterate to be able to use it with ease, it comes with a high security system. This product offers its users a choice to connect either using HTTP or HTTPS via the desktop settings. While the choice is obviously left to the user, the HTTPS option is more secure. As a standard, this product makes use of the 256-bit encryption AES. Customers are offered a 14 day trial for a risk free experience. For more information please go to http://findonlinebackup.org/mypcbackup-review/



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