27, January 2016: In world-renowned city-Las Vegas, the annual International Consumer Electronics Show has a grand opening. There are more than tens of thousands of famous electronics manufacturers and guests taking part in this show. Airwheel, the leading manufacturer in intelligent self-balancing electric scooter sector, is also among them. On the show, lots of visitors stop at Airwheel’ booth and are attracted by its electric scooters. They ask for test riding on the spot. What makes Airwheel electric scooters so popular? The following will analyze the main reasons.


In the very first place, all of Airwheel self-balancing scooters share the same advantage: easy-to-ride, which benefits from two main aspects. For one thing, they are based on intelligent chip, aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to keep balance. Then, riding becomes very easy and riders can realize all controls by adjusting their body gravity. For instance, if a rider slightly leans forward, the scooter will speed up automatically. For another thing, the driving power of Airwheel scooters comes from lithium-ion battery, which largely liberates human power.

Secondly, Airwheel electric scooters are designed for all people and thus have big consumer base, which thanks to rich scooter types. Currently, there are such series under Airwheel as M-series, Z-series, two-wheeled S-series, sitting-posture A-series, twin-wheeled Q-series and singlewheel X-series. People from various ages, weights and heights always can find a suitable Airwheel scooter.


Energy conservation and emission reduction are the requirements of times. Airwheel electric scooters also enjoy environmental-friendly and energy-saving advantages. All scooters are driven by emission-free electricity, which won’t discharge any exhausts and thus is helpful to protect the living environment. It is well-known that car exhausts have polluted environment badly. Pollution-free Airwheel scooters are highly praised by environmentalists. Besides, Airwheel scooters are energy-saving, because they only need 1 or 2 Kwh to run a considerable. That’s magical!

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