Best name badges; the pioneer of the industry has now moved to a next step and introduced new designs in the market. These steps have been taken to meet the customers need. The business strategy has become more customer centric as these designs are introduced to facilitate the customers who needed the customization.

Best Name Badges now offers tags and badges with name either printed or engraved on them. The product line includes digitally printed pro badges, engraved name tags, reusable name badges, photograph ID badges, custom printed blank lanyards, desk name plates and wall plates. Newly designed pin buttons, fridge magnets, keychains, bottle openers, poster printings, signboards and other promotional products are also introduced in the market. Rather than introducing new products, the company has focused to improve the design and quality. The initiative was taken on the demand of the customers. The company’s representative also revealed that it is not all for the customers, they should expect more

Now, the pro badges have full color crystal print, with customized colors, shapes and sizes. Engraved best name badges with name tags are made using the state of the art laser technology. Oval frame is the newest advancement in these tags. Reusable name badges have eight different designs. Ink-jet and laser printing has totally changed the quality of the print. Photo ID badges have high definition colored pictures. Desk name plates now have a variety of designs. The choice of wooden and aluminum in all the new designs has made it very convenient for the customers to order their desired material badges. It is not over yet, the lanyards now come in vibrant colors and designs. Customized lanyards are what the company recently introduced to put the customers in the driving seat. The customers can come with their own designs. They can even get their names printed on the lanyards with the color of their own choice. Equipped with laser technology has made it possible for the company to deliver the orders within 24 hours. Desirable quality, design, price, timely delivery with an affordable price, what else a customer may need?  The customers of Best name badges get all of it.

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