The acclaimed Indian restaurant in South Surrey, British Columbia — Curry Sensation — is celebrating a highly successful first year of business during 2012. In fact, this restaurant has only been open since July of last year, and already is considered by many to be the best Indian restaurant in South Surrey, and perhaps even among the top eateries in the Lower Mainland of BC. With a highly unique blend of elegant, yet accessible and welcoming dining atmosphere and a critical attention to detail in their food quality and preparation, they have rapidly set themselves apart in their local marketplace for high quality Indian food.

The owners have followed a precise strategy of smart marketing, using multiple avenues to spread the word and engage clients both online and offline, and an enthusiastic level of customer care. They have been very successful in not only attracting new clientele to the establishment, but also having those same customers return — often with guests of their own to share in their culinary delight. Their growth curve has been nothing short of aggressive all throughout 2012, with no noticeable slowdown even during the Christmas holiday season — a time when many businesses do see a drop in sales volume. More information can be seen on their website at

The quality, flavor, and consistency of their dishes has contributed greatly to their success — customers can look forward to the same high quality positive experience with each return visit as has been evidenced in multiple online reviews. They have been fortunate to have an accomplished chef as part of their team who understands the intricacies of blending specific spices and creating the unique flavors that are becoming sought-after in the local marketplace. If this trend continues into the New Year of 2013 — and there are no signs that it will not — Curry Sensation may well be crowned the best Indian restaurant in South Surrey , BC or even in the region. 2013 proves to be an exciting year ahead for this up-and-coming local Indian restaurant.

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