The leading financial counselling and credit counseling for bankruptcy company in Canada, Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services (BSCC), is announcing another record level of success for the 2012 year in helping Canadians avoid serious financial consequences of excessive debt and spending . The company has been a dominant player in the Canadian marketplace from coast to coast, assisting thousands of people with matters of excessive credit card debt and avoiding bankruptcy for many years. During 2012, they have been able to assist a record number of clients in regaining financial stability once again.

Now that the December Holidays are over, BSCC advises people to sit down and figure out a budget for all of the bills and purchases done over the Christmas holidays. If Canadians have overextended themselves, BSCC is only a phone call away to help and that call is free to determine options for each specific situation. This past year has been a particularly serious year for consumer debt levels — personal debt levels climbed to record levels in 2012.

According to Statistics Canada, the household debt to income ratio stood at 164.6 percent, which is approximately the same level reached in the United States before their recent financial crisis. This record amount of borrowing leaves Canadians vulnerable if unemployment rises or interest rates head higher, which they will at some future time as indicated by the Bank of Canada. While most Canadians have been able to navigate through the risks so far, the time has come to pay off debts. The Bank of Canada is expected to keep its key interest rate on hold for now, giving Canadians a window to start reducing their debts before costs start to rise. More information about debt relief can be found on their website at

Not only has BSCC been able to provide solid alternatives for clients to consider and avoid serious choices such as bankruptcy, but they also can negotiate with creditors on the client’s behalf and design a plan to reduce debt to an affordable level — often more than 50%! This allows clients to live life normally once again without the threat of financial disaster — both personal or business, and preserves their good credit rating due to not having to enter bankruptcy or going it alone to deal with creditors.

With multiple locations across Canada nationwide, BSCC is able to serve clients from coast to coast in a timely manner. Their office locations are located in Vancouver (Surrey), Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto. With their current rate of growth and the amount of people in need of help, we can expect to see more growth during this New Year.

For additional information about alternative options to bankruptcy please visit — A 100% Canadian owned and operated credit counselling company that has been helping Canadian clients avoid financial ruin for many years.