Tooth and/or teeth whitening is a procedure made to remove stains and other forms of discoloration from teeth. It’s perhaps the most popular cosmetic dental procedure, since it’s made for the purpose of improving how your teeth look. In fact, most dental professionals will perform various teeth whitening Perth procedures for their patients.

Most teeth whitening procedures work since it mainly removes stains held ‘in place’ by enamel and pellicle or a thin coating that covers the enamel of the teeth. The tooth’s outer layer is known as the enamel, which helps create the natural color of the teeth through light scattering and reflecting off of both enamel and underlying dentin. These stains are caused by a variety of different factors like tobacco, dark liquids, aging and poor dental hygiene.

When getting a tooth whitening procedure performed, you may have two different options. The first option is non-vital whitening. This tooth whitening option is mainly performed for a tooth that’s been treated with a root canal and contains no live nerve. The whitening agent is typically placed inside of the tooth, capped off with a temporary filling. Many people generally get this procedure once, though oft some get more than one treatment to get their desired result.

Vital whitening is the most common tooth whitening procedure. It mainly uses a gel-like solution that gets applied directly to the surface of your teeth. It generally contains a controlled amount of hydrogen peroxide, which invokes the whitening process. A special laser gets passed through to help activate the gel in most in-office tooth whitening Perth procedures, which helps the whitening or bleaching happen faster.

To remove most surface stains, many people seek teeth whitening procedures from various tooth whitening Perth services. Tooth whitening is generally performed within a dental office. Most in-office dental procedures will involve the dentist taking an image of your teeth before moving onto the procedure. This helps your dentist keep track of your tooth whitening progress. During the rest of the examination process, your dentist will also perform a thorough examination of your teeth, in addition to asking questions about your dental history.

These teeth whitening Perth procedures generally take at least 30 to 90 minutes. Some people may need more than one treatment. If you need an effective tooth whitening Perth procedure done on your teeth, our services may what you need—whether you’re looking for vital or non-vital tooth whitening.

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