Tony Longo will be playing the lead role in the John Seymore comedy plot. This well-known American actor will again take the spot light as another opportunity knock on his door. He will now be landing on the lead role in the highly anticipated comedy plot. Tony Longo’s luck never stops after being hit by a lighting more than a year ago. He is now filming the “Alibi Boys” in Jonathan Tomhave & Chuck Artezonne New Comedy TV Show. 

“Alibi Boys” is produced by John E. Seymore and is mainly aired in the US. This is a comedy series with a unique and interesting stories tackling about two college roommates combining their special talents in order to create effective and outrageous alibis for neighbors, friends and even to complete strangers. This all come for a price both for themselves and for their clients. 

This comedy series showcases appealing and interesting story that audience will surely take time to watch. This new comedy television show showcases the ideal acting talent of Tony Longo. His acting skills are one of the reasons why this famous American actor wins the lead role. Viewers will surely admire him as he sells alibis to students of Longo’s Sun Coast University. 

Tony Longo give credits to his old school friends Mark Harmon, Tony Danza, and Rob Lowe for always guiding and looking out for him. Matthew McConaughey told Prod Janet Alverez Gonzalez that “Longo’s your Vinny in The Portraits Secret.” He has been a hardworking character actor for more than 30 years. He had played various recurring roles and had been part of the cast list of numerous dramas and comedy shows. 

As an actor, he has been working in front of the camera and many individuals can attest that he has given with a real and exquisite talent in acting. Due to his 6 feet 6 inches height, he is always chosen to play the role of the Big Guy, Big and Bad. However, his size and body built are not the only factors that define him. Due to the realism and innocence he brings to every role, he has become a top pick among TV show and movie producers. Tony Longo has filmed various movies and has made hundreds of television appearances. 


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