A sports and karaoke bar, Tonic Bar NYC wanted to engage its customers into latest sports events like the March Madness, Eurocup and the likes. Therefore, they’ve recently installed a 160inch X 90inch ultra HD TV especially for its patrons.

24th February 2016 — The Tonic Bar in NYC is a massive sports and karaoke bar sprawling across 3 floors. With a view to keeping their patrons engaged in entertaining and high paced live sports events, the team recently installed an Ultra HD TV on their second floor of the bar, the largest in New York City. One of the most unique aspects about this ultra HD TV is the fact that one can watch 1 or 4 different games being screened at the same time. This ensures that sports enthusiasts of all different kinds of games get their share of entertainment while sipping on their pints of beers and delicious grub.

The ultra HD screen hosts not just sports events throughout the year but during days it is also used for media presentations for corporate events. In the late evenings the TV is used to telecast foot tapping music videos along with the DJ. This helps transform the entire floor to a nightclub.

“This has been incredible addition to our already innovative audio visual capabilities. We're excited to be bringing an even better experience to all of our guests.”
- Gavin O'Neil (General Manager)

Tonic Bar NYC is determined to be the highest-ranking bar in NYC not just for the locals but international tourists as well. In addition to jazzing up the nightlife of tourists and locals alike, Tonic Bar NYC is also sprucing up their lunch menus so that business clients and others can enjoy their delicious meals during lunch breaks instead of living off unhealthier fast-food style options which are common to the area.

Media Contact: Jennifer Shaw
Name: Director of Marketing
Email ID: [email protected]
Web: https://tonicbarnyc.com/
Phone Number: 212-382-1059