11, May 2016: From one wheel, twin wheel to two wheel electric scooters, the learning difficulty is reduced gradually. The two wheel electric scooters are designed for the majority while, the one wheel scooters are suitable for the minority. Still the classic Airwheel X8 single-wheeled electric scooter is expert players’ favourite. Airwheel X8 single-wheeled scooter is an ideal tool to show off your wheelie.

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Airwheel X8 electric one wheel hoverboards can be controlled by your body movements, e.g. lean forward to accelerate and move forward, lean backward to decelerate and brake. The invisible patron answers your call anytime. Fuzzy algorithm, aviation altitude control technique escort your way and ensure safety riding experience. Real-time motor monitoring maintains balance on turns and slopes to ensure easier steering experience. What’s more, the magnetic levitation motor is the latest technology, which replaces the bearing with magnetic suspension for longer life expectancy.


For professional players of Airwheel electric unicycle, they can jump onto their intelligent self-balancing scooters quickly and expertly. In spite of the single-wheeled structure, they are still able to keep the balance on it perfectly, even there is only one foot stepping on it. They can even pull cars with Airwheel X8. As large as 16 inch wheels are features of Airwheel X8 electric unicycle, which minimizes roll angle and optimizes grip effect. That also explain why Airwheel X8one wheel scooter can conquer kinds of road conditions.


Want to achieve this? For the majority, it requires much time spent on learning and practice. The successful showing should be owed to their persevering practice. Without will of steel, they will tend to give up and fail to master it well. Practice makes perfect. The agility and flexibility of Airwheel X8 single-wheeled intelligent scooter is unparalleled which worth your time and energy spent on it. Based on the above description, Airwheel X8 single-wheeled scooter is an ideal tool to show off your wheelie.

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