14, October 2015: What people need the most in such an era in which too much information is given to people? It’s definitely the simple yet comfortable life. People have spent too much effort and time in their work and studies. Why should they spend much time or energy on anything when they are out of work and study? In city traffic, people may be faced with some troublesome and complicated situations like traffic jam and car accidents, which cost people too much time and energy. Airwheel Self-balancing Electric scooter S5greatly reduce people’s troubles in city traffic and help people enjoy a simple yet comfortable city traffic.


Airwheel S5 two-wheeled intelligent scooters are the most powerful and distinguished vehicles in Airwheel family. The two wheels of Airwheel S5 come from Cheng Shin, the top brand in the tyre industry. Also the wheels of S5 have large hubs of 16 inches, which are the largest in Airwheel family and provide S5 and riders the better stability while running. For driving such big wheels, Airwheel chose the 1800 w motor for S5, which are noise-free and efficient. With the power bank which has the electricity capacity of 680 Wh, Airwheel S5 can cover the travel distance as long as 35 km at the speed of 18km/h. Most importantly, Airwheel S5 have the small body sizes which enable riders to ride them anywhere they can walks like on the sidewalks, inside the public buildings and on the factory empty grounds. These troubles haunting traditional cars on the main roads can no longer happen to Airwheel S5 intelligent scooters.


Also, the intelligent system and vehicle parts of Airwheel S5 are the guarantee of the user-friendly control styles. It’s very easy for riders to learn to ride Airwheel S5. Only people need to do is just tilting their body towards the directions they want, and the vehicles will head out immediately. For more information of Airwheel S5 intelligent self-balancing scooters, please visit www.Airwheel.net

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