To Adjust Inter-Occular and Convergence Remotely 

Hollywood, CA — The latest version of the 3D Bullet Rig now offers complete remote control (motorization) of the Inter-occular and convergence settings.  The newest Bullet Rig is now the most affordable, motorized 3D system available.

This latest version utilizes small Heden or Presten servo motors to remotely control BOTH the inter-occular (0”-3.5”) and convergence (0°-3°) remotely.  Of course, manual control is still an option was well.

“We’ve used the rig on a five month 3D feature.  It’s India’s most ambitious 3D project to date and stars some of their biggest stars.  We shot with two Epics“, said veteran stereographer Keith Driver.  “The crew was initially on the 3ality rig, but believe it or not, it moved too slow, cost a fortune.  They weren’t getting the set-ups.  They switched to the Bullet Rig and the set-ups were almost doubled.  It’s a fast, light rig.  Because it’s inexpensive, some stereographers dismiss it - because they’ve never used it.”

Priced at a fraction of other professional 3D rigs (under $7K), this compact beam-splitter rig is the most affordable, professional solution for location, reality, or feature 3D filmmaking.  Its’ list of features surpasses that of other more expensive rigs.  The Bullet rig incorporates a solid rail system that supports greater weight loads.  The rig also features adjustable handles, shoulder mount, tripod mount and works seamlessly with  EasyRig, Steadicam, or just handheld.

Weighing approx. 15 lbs. (5.8 kgs.) the Bullet Rig accommodates the Red Epic, Canon DSLR 5D, 7D, XF105, XF305, Sony F3, EX3’s, HDCP1, X5U, Z1U, Panasonic AF100, HPX250, Blackmagic, and many other professional HD cameras.

About the 3D Film Factory

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