New Delhi, January 28, 2013: TLC, India’s favourite lifestyle channel that provides an eclectic mix of travel, cuisine and lifestyle programs, presents a delightful treat for food enthusiasts with its new food band, FLAVOURSFLAVOURS explores cultural variety, traditions, the finest cuisines and distinct food palettes through a world of delectable and irresistible gourmet. Come together for FLAVOURS as it airs from Monday to Friday at 8 p.m. on TLC.


From the kitchens of Australia, Canada, Italy, France, India, Mexico and every food capital of the world, the recipes and cooking styles of culinary experts collide to create an appetizing experience for food lovers.

Rahul Johri, Senior Vice President and General Manager - South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “TLC is the most delectable destination for food aficionados in India. It has always endeavoured to present the most appetising food programmes through refreshing and new formats. TLC’s new programme band FLAVOURS will further delight our viewers and generate appointment viewing at 8 PM.”

 Embrace the world of exotic flavours all year round in FLAVOURS.



 WORLD - Experience the widest variety of food from all parts of the world that represents each country’s traditions and the food the natives love.

 INDIA — Explore exotic ingredients, regional cuisines and prepare food in a new way with an array herbs and spices.

 HOSTS - Meet the iconic global hosts — Nigella Lawson, Roger Mooking, Jamie Oliver and more — as they demonstrate their signature recipes while providing invaluable tips to have you cooking in no time.

 TRENDS — Learn cooking trends that will allow you to put new spins on old favourites with a clever mix of ingredients whether you are cooking for one or a feast for friends and family.

 RESTAURANTS - Set off for a culinary adventure and seek out the most unconventional and unique dining experiences across the world. Enjoy the planet’s most eccentric eateries and their out-of-box serving and catering styles.


 TLC is an in-home getaway for aspirational viewers who want to experience the best the world has to offer. Providing an extensive mix of programming on travel, cuisine, makeover, fashion, relationship, design and music, it encourages viewers to make the most of their time and live the most rewarding and exciting lives. Travel experts share insiders’ secrets of the world’s most fascinating destinations; celebrated chefs and restaurateurs prepare delectable cuisines; lifestyle personalities reveal their techniques for making body, hair, homes and lives more attractive and wandering cameras uncover the coveted lives of the rich and famous.


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