25 July, 2014: Hiking portal Planet Mountain has recently featured an article on its webpage singling out Tiscali as one of the best trekking destinations for walking enthusiasts on Sardinia holidays.

According to the piece, Tiscali is already one of the most popular locations for both locals and visitors to Sardinia to go hiking or trekking — it is also one of the most common locations the Mountain Rescue is called to, due to the path being (as of yet) unmarked. Even still, the periodical highly recommends this spot as the backdrop for a walking or hiking adventure in Sardinia, mostly due to the area’s historical remnants.

The village of Tiscali, as well as the area surrounding it, is believed to hark back to the Nuragic period, an era of history exclusive to that region of Italy and set some time before the Bronze Age. Originally, Tiscali was comprised of two distinct settlements, a configuration that remained even as the area advanced towards modern times. The set of huts visitors on Sardinia holidays will be able to visit seems to indicate the village would have been used until at least the Middle Ages, as it includes square huts as well as circular ones. Before that, in Roman times, the settlement is thought to have been a defensive spot against invading hordes, nestled as it is in a safe spot, and with systems in place for withdrawing water from stalactites.

Aside from giving a brief overview of the region’s history, the article in question also offers hikers enjoying Sardinia holidays tips about how to get to the area, how to actually reach the village, and how to make their way back up the slope once the visit has been concluded.

Sardinia is, alongside Tuscany and Sicily, one of the most popular destinations for tourists enjoying vacations in Italy.

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