Fascias are an important part of a property’s guttering system. The fascias Yorkshire should be waterproof, so that they are not damaged by damp or moisture. Also, they are easy to maintain. If you are looking for high standard fascia boards for the home renovation, then you should consider following a few guidelines apart from calling the best roofing Yorkshire service provider. Some of them are as follows;


Finding High Quality Building Materials

Traditionally, timber was used for building fascias. These days it is also used in shiplap cladding that may have seen in the kids playhouses. If you consider painting it or treating it with varnish, this can make your property’s exterior look amazing. Also, it provides a nice clean as well as uniform finish.


However, it is true that many have stepped out from using wood mainly because of its susceptibility to decomposition, moisture or UV rays. For those who are looking for durable materials aluminium can be a good option. It is the second most popular material for fascia boards. Since aluminium is not vulnerable to rust it can be fitted below the roof. Moreover, they are very cost-efficient as can be easily replaced too. Another crucial reason is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. Besides, you need not to paint or apply a coat to keep it protected. The UPVC fascias Yorkshire have almost replaced the timber shiplap cladding.


Fascia’s Structure

UPVC is definitely a great material to be used, but you should make sure that you purchase a good quality item from a reliable retailer ensuring it to last for quite a long time. Before installing it is crucial to consider the structure. When you look around you are likely to find three options, including bullnose, ogee fascia and square edge. The third one is quite easy to set up as the planks can be connected side by side. It is perfect for those who are placing fascias for the very fast time.

The ogee design on the other hand is more intricate. However, the bullnose can pose difficulty during installation as it has rounded edges although they make up the most elegant style.


Thickness of the Board

The fascia panels should be thick to provide sufficient support to the house’s roof. Even if you are setting up shiplap cladding, one thing you should be aware of is that it is thick enough for accommodating heavy loads.


Colour and Style

In case your property is lacking the colour and style, you should think of getting a new kind of fascia. If you cannot decide for yourself as which style or colour would suit you can take suggestion from your roofing Yorkshire company. Moreover, you can mix and match the colours to achieve the colour you want.


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