Shanghai, China; 09, January 2015: Tinout Technology, a leading supplier of optical data transmission components, announced that they have come up with a new range of products to facilitate communication and data transmission needs of the modern times. According to the company spokesperson, the new products will aim at making data transmission error-free and fast. The company brings unique Metro DWDM optical network solutions that are based on the wavelength division multiplexing technologies. The technology brings flexible opportunities for the operators and makes the communication system more efficient.

More importantly, Tinout offers optical communication components that can be used on already existing fiber networks. Thus, the new products offer significant cost savings while improving the efficiency of the communication system. Thus, an operator can upgrade their existing fiber network with the new components at a reasonable cost. More importantly, the company endeavors to provide solutions for customized network schemes with appropriate modifications in the fiber lines and the network architecture.

The company spokesperson reveals that the new DWDM OADM based optical transmission components help increase the bandwidth level for a dynamic and smooth transmission of data throughout the network. According to him, the product aims at providing an operational efficiency and simplicity that the modern communication systems require today. The new products have been developed by the engineers of Tinout Technology Limited after a considerable research and keeping the industry needs in concern.

Today, telecommunication is a fast growing industry and the world is becoming crazy for data and information. In such a scenario, the Metro Ethernet components introduced by Tinout Technology will enable companies to keep their fiber networks highly scalable and efficient for the modern users. With high-performance and tailor-made solutions, Tinout Technology helps telecommunication providers to grow their business by upgrading existing networks or building fast and efficient fiber optic based network systems. To learn more about their high quality optical transmission solutions, one may visit the website

About Tinout Technology Limited:

Tinout Technology was established in 2007 as a global leading supplier of fiber optical components with perfect technique and technology development capabilities of photonics products and network items. The company specializes in Fiber optical Modules that are used for data transmission via two single-mode or multi-mode optical fibers. Our customers benefit from our unrivaled network performance and comprehensive tailored solutions for Voice|Internet|data. We also have a range of components and materials for building or upgrading fiber-optic communication networks.

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