Frankfort, KY — On-Time Web offers scalable cloud based timesheets that are efficient for companies of all sizes. Tracking payroll data with conventional time clocks is made easy via an in-house Internet connection. Having reliable timesheet tracking software is critical for accurate financial reporting.

Payroll accounting is a task that requires attention to detail. FUTA, Medicare, FICA and Social Security withholding must be remitted to the federal government promptly. Not to mention employees must be properly compensated to keep operations running efficiently. Web timesheet software can be integrated into accounting systems via the Internet. This transition is virtually seamless and will not cause excessive disruptions or downtime.

For businesses needing a conventional time clock, On-Time Web offers the OT1000. There is no software to purchase and no setup fees. Additional training is provided free of cost.

The time clock and associated timesheet tracking are automatically updated and improved. There are also no renewal fees or hidden charges of any kind. Data can be tracked from laptop computers or mobile devices.
System optimization is an intelligent way to increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and ultimately enhance internal control.

On-Time Web cloud based timesheets are safe and secure. It is a service that allows businesses to refocus personnel or reallocate resources to other revenue generating activities. Strengthening internal control and mitigating risk are important components of strategic planning.

On-Time Web is currently offering a 30 day free trial of its web timesheet software and systems. Businesses can try the service at no risk and experience first-hand the benefits of this cloud based solution. Utilizing the Internet to outsource various operational functions is a step many businesses are taking to reduce costs and improve profit margins.

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Businesses utilizing web timesheets will increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Optimize business processes starting today.

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