Times Private Treaties investments seem to have provided the small brands X Factor in terms of brand building, mainstream advertising and reputation management. One of the recent successes has been a small less known e-waste recycling company Eco Reco which claims that they have seen a substainatial growth in the number of new clients since April 2008, when their first ad on Planet Earth Day appeared. Currently, the company has more than 200 corporate clients across India, such as Siemens, Reliance, Infosys, HCL and HDFC and many more including several companies of Tata Group, Mahindra & Mahindra and Castrol. The company feels that this is due to the buzz and brand equity generated by their informational and brand campaign in partnership with Times Private Treaties.
Similarly a B2B compnay Unitek Power, which fundamentally provides industrial power solutions, belives that the brand reputation earned through advertiusung via a Times Private Treaties client has enabled them to win large orders. Last year this Kerala-based electronics company had signed an exclusive tie-up with the Italian pioneer, Borri Industrial Power Solutions The Unitek-Borri Power Solutions got Rs 32 crore order from L & T for Cairns Energy.
Another example is Royal Hygiene, a new entrant in the feminine hygiene products range which has attained a number three position in the market by registering a growth of 225% in sales last year. The company attributes this success largely to their brand building efforts undertaken since May 2008 post their alliance with Times Private Treaties. Says, Rakesh Kaul, CEO of Royal Hygiene, “Ever since the alliance with the Times Group, there has been a substantial increase in the top of the mind recall over the past one year.”

Times Private Treaties model is based on providing brand building and advertising opportunities to smaller less known companies to help them create their brand and unlock value. This model enables companies to advertise in BCCL vehicles in return for equity in those companies. This also helps the company to bring in many first time otherwise media shy advertisers and increase BCCL‘s advertiser base.