Wigs and toupees were first invented for the benefit of people with hair loss problems but nowadays the lace front wig is a must have accessory for any woman that wants to look good without sacrificing time or breaking the bank. Another advantage of lace front wigs is that they bring timeless beauty that can be achieved without the use chemical concoctions that damage the scalp. They also eliminate the effects of heat damage caused by limiting the use of straightening irons and high temperature blow dryers on your real hair. Lace front wigs are easy to apply even on sensitive skin and require a minimum amount of reasonable maintenance. Even if you’re looking to save time, hide hair loss or dress up for a party the lace front wig represents a great alternative for achieving that amazing hair style you’ve always wanted. There are plenty of companies on the internet that promise premium grade hair styles in just moments but if you’re going to make an investment in your appearance here are a few things you should consider.


The most important thing you need to do before ordering a lace front wig is determine the size you will be shopping for. If you’re ordering from the internet it is especially important to determine the right measurements as you can’t try the item out on the spot. If you’ll need to return the package it will obviously be a few more days before you get what you’ve wanted all along and nobody needs that hassle. Also if you don’t read the return policy carefully you might have the surprise of being stuck with a lace front wig that you can’t wear. Most lace front wigs come in three basic sizes of Large, Medium and Small and you can determine which one will fit you best by measuring first of all the circumference of your head all around. Next you need to use the measuring tape to determine the length from the front of the hair line to the center of your nape. Last but not least, measure the distance from ear to ear and by now you should have a good idea of what you need to shop for.


You can have lace front wigs applied by professionals for a reasonable fee or you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Usually you get plenty of instructions with each item purchased and even if there is a learning curve involved there are various online resources and tutorials that can help you get educated on the subject. If you have sensitive skin it would be wise to test all the adhesives and chemicals that come with the lace front wig on a small portion of your skin before you attach it to your head.


The best thing about lace front wigs is the level of versatility they pack in their silky locks. You can customize your wig to fit your personality by cutting it to your desired length or adding highlights and bangs. You can also safely use all sort of styling products and appliances, as long as you don’t overdo it.

If you want to look flawless without braking the bank lace front wigs represent an affordable alternative to chemical hair treatment. The lace front wig was originally designed for people with hair loss problems but today it is a must have accessory for any woman that wants to look good in no time.