Perth, Western Australia, June 30, 2015 -- Attaining good health can be as simple as looking in your pantry. Food is the key to our health but for a host of reasons we have lost that knowledge which was commonplace in generations past.

In Your Wealth is Your Health, author, naturalistic therapist and certified food coach Jasmine Makings resurrects this wisdom by bringing together more than 40 years of practical experience and learning to explain clearly what constitutes good nutrition, what you can do to improve your diet and how to tackle some common ailments.

Jasmine illustrates the effectiveness of these ‘pantry remedies’ with case studies and testimonials from people who have followed her advice and made what she calls the U-turn — people who have reversed diabetes, pulled themselves back from the brink of dialysis, reduced blood pressure or lowered their cholesterol.

Her book, and your journey to better health, is based on a six-week workshop she created a few years ago.

“These workshops gave me the ideas on how to present a book which would bring everything together,” Jasmine explained from her Gold Coast home.

Jasmine’s journey started in Yorkshire, England, in the middle of the last century, where she spent her childhood and most of her adult life. She married her school sweetheart and has two children and 3 grandchildren. Her interest in healing naturally was sparked by her north England surroundings — seeing old folk attain very advanced years and children free of disease. This interest turned into a passion when her children were born, who along with her husband — and Australia’s great outdoors — bring her most joy. Jasmine and her family moved to Australia in 2005.

Your Wealth is Your Health is full of solutions and remedies to our waning wellbeing. Jasmine gives you the tools not just to look at your diet, but to examine the ingredients and decipher the multitude of additives that go into food. The reader is steered through the vast arsenal of chemicals in our toiletries and cleaning products, and the ‘dead’ food on supermarket shelves, and Jasmine leads us to natural and healthy alternatives.
“Some people find it hard to believe that eating living food can restore their health and even reverse chronic disease, but I tell you, it can work like magic,” Jasmine enthused.

 “Many times over the years it has been suggested I should write a book, and my response has always been that there are thousands of books out there telling you everything you need to know about food, diet and health. Then one day, in early 2013, I felt I had to write down what I knew to be true. The time is right, the world is sick and people are hungry to help themselves. I realised that these days people are so busy they don’t have the time to spend years researching, as I did, to find the answers. They need them now.”

The result of this conviction and research is a book which is full of vital and, at times, alarming facts, simple advice on how to improve your diet and practical tips for everyday ailments. Jasmine leads the reader step by step on how to change eating habits, supplying a convenient guide at the end of each chapter on practical advice. Our starting point is reading the ingredients on everything we buy, progressing to what to eat and what to avoid, how to make healthy, living food appealing to children and why to avoid virtually all the toiletries and cleaning products we find on supermarket shelves.

Jasmine includes a wealth of easily digestible research, ranging from the nutritional value of food to the side-effects additives can have, particularly on children.

Jasmine has had articles printed in various magazines such as ‘Mums delivery online magazine’ on ‘creating good food habits for children, has appeared in local community magazines as well as Nature & Health Magazine as one of five inspirational Australian women — “Five to Inspire”.

Her passion now is to protect future generations from unnecessary suffering and illness by teaching young families how to prevent disease and live a healthy life as well as helping those who are sick.  Jasmine can be contacted through her website or contacted by e mail on [email protected] or [email protected]

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