Thru tubing is a tube used in oil and gas wellbores. Such tubes have to be installed with maximum care, since oil and gas would go through them during the extraction procedure. Tubing operations involve anything from wellbore cleanout and composite plug milling to ball seat system removal and fishing services.The oil and gas industry is always changing and the equipment used by engineers and field specialists needs to maintain this alert pace and even go faster, to improve productivity and efficiency. Thru tubing operations guarantee that the tubing installed in a wellbore can be used in a safe and effective manner.For this, a number of services have to be performed by professionals, starting with a wellbore cleanout and plug milling and ending with toe checks and confirmation runs, as well as with fishing and retrieval services. And it all starts with the drilling of a hole that is known as wellbore.Wellbores are holes in the ground that go to incredible depths in order to explore or extract oil, gas, or water. They are drilled in locations that have oil, gas or water reservoirs and where their presence does not interfere with human activity. For example, wellbores cannot be drilled in archaeological or picturesque areas where they could destroy research or local tourism.Prior to being used, wellbores need to be cleaned. For this, sand, cement or other material that is found inside of them and that should not be present there, is carefully removed. Other things that are removed are plugs that are used to isolate fracture stages in horizontal wells; this operation is known as composite plug milling.Other services that are provided by companies operating in the oil and gas industry are ball seat system removals and fishing services. The first ones refer to the removal of ball seats in the Liner System after stimulation. Fishing services are those that recover fish material from the wellbore; fish can be represented by anything from a simple piece of metal to a tubing tool.Besides these operations, engineers and field specialists can also confirm whether the desired depth of the wellbore has been reached or not, drill out excess cement, provide recommendations on which tubing tools to use or what technique for a particular situation, and watch each other's back, taking into account that an oil and gas exploration or extraction area can be very dangerous.Professionals working in this industry need to be very good at mathematics, have the ability to operate a number of tools and machines within rather small areas like the interior of a wellbore, understand the risks and the rewards of their job, and communicate effectively with their colleagues for an improved productivity and performance.



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