China - How to better maintain the purchased plastic injection mold? This should be very commonly problem of each consumer of famous injection moulding china supplier Duratec Industries China Ltd. In order to help each consumer get rid of this puzzle, today, the professional technician from this China supplier will introduce with people three tips about how to maintain this product in daily operation.

First, the processing enterprises should first give each injection mold with biographical cards, which could help them record the detailed statistics of its using, lubrication, cleaning, anti-rust and damage level. Based on these detailed records, people could find which parts and components have been damaged and what level of the worn extent of these parts. These are very basically problem-solving information which could be very necessary for each operator¡¯s monitoring for the mold.

Each client should also regularly check a variety of performance of the mold under the normal operating conditions and they should also carefully measure the last dimension of the molded plastic parts. Through this information, people could determine the current state of the mold through the information. They could also find out the reason of damage of cavity, cooling systems and parting surface and then people can determine the status of mold damage and repair them according to this information.

The most crucial factor should be that people should pay attention to the maintenance of the surface of plastic injection molding china . The surface condition will have directly affects with the surface quality of the product. The focusing point of the maintenance should be the preventing of corrosion. Therefore, the choice of the suitable, high-quality and professional anti-rusty oil is particularly important. When the mold production task is over, people should take different approach to clean the surface of the mold depending on the different injection mold. The available tools for surface cleaning should be copper rod, copper wire and professional mold cleaners. The using of iron wire, steel bars and other hard objects should be totally avoided in the cleaning process for the mold so as not to scratch the surface. If there has rust caused by corrosion injection, people should use the grinder to polish and spray on the professional anti-rusty oil and then they should the mold in a dry, cool and dust-free places for storage.

At last, the engineer from hopes each client could get benefit from above three points. Only in that way could they keep the long service time of their mold products.

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