China - The stainless steel electrode could be mainly divided into many sorts according to different working environments and requirements. Today, editor from famous China welding electrode supplier Zhejiang Yongxiang Cable Group will briefly introduce with people three main types of stainless steel electrode. However, there are also many others kinds of welding wire and electrode from this famous China manufacturer.

Martensitic stainless steel electrode

Martensitic stainless steel contains medium chromium steel which include 5 to 9 percent of chromium and high chromium steel which contain 12 percent of chromium. This kind of steel has big tendency of hardened. It will be easy to generate hardness and brittle martensite and bainite after the working process of welding. These brittle substance the will be prone to generate cold cracks so people must preheat and do some measurements of inter-layer insulation generally before welding.

13 Chrome stainless steel electrode

The 13 chrome steel has very big hardness level after welding and it will be easy to occur cracks. If people make use of similar chromium welding electrode such as CHK202 and CHK207 for welding process, it must be done the 300 centigrade preheating work and 700 centigrade tempering and slow cooling treatment. If weldments cannot be processed after welding work, the application of chrome stainless steel electrode such as CHS107 and CHS207 should be the best choice for welding.

17 chrome stainless steel electrode

In order to improve the corrosion resistance and weldability, the 17 chromium steel has been added such amount of additional stabilizing elements such as titanium, niobium and molybdenum. The weldability of the 17 chromium is better than that of chromium 13. For the welding process, people can choose the same type of chromium stainless welding electrode which is also known as the 17 chrome stainless steel electrode. Before the work of welding, the weldment should be preheated by about 200 centigrade temperature. After the welding process, the weldment needs to be tempered by 800 centigrade temperature. On the other hand, people can also weld the weldment by the chrome-nickel stainless steel electrode which is CHS107 and CHS207. After welding by this type of stainless steel electrode, the heat treatment after welding is unnecessary.

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