Airwheel S5 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter successfully satisfies the anticipations of all scooter-lovers by strengthening the family of S-series and highlighting the diversity in scooter design.

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S-series is both strong and fashionable because of its sleek and contoured features. With its stylish outlook, the S-series is reckoned as the epitome of all the scooters. Airwheel S5 was made its international debut in Sep 2015. To begin with, Airwheel has made some breakthroughs in the design of the S5 designed with two wheels, which used to be a ground-breaking feature among the industry.

Airwheel S5 is specially designed in the robust SUV style. There are some similarities between S3 and S5, but S5 also has its own improvements and refinements. Therefore, we can say S5 is updated based on S3. The basic structure of S5 is similar to S3. S5 still adopts the standing-posture riding mode. Besides, S5 2-wheeled electric scooter( shares similar stylish elements of S3, being sleek, contoured as well as dashing. The pure imitation is obviously insufficient. S5 is featured by improved and upgraded performances.

Airwheel S5 is designed with 16-inch large tyres enabling S5 to overcome whatever terrain it is faced with. No matter you are in the avenue or cragged path or even going downing the steps, S5 is your perfect choice. With a 520 W battery featured by excellent performance and long life, S5 electric self-balancing scooter can be more powerful and travel farther than S3. Electricity blackout halfway, once happening to other ordinary scooters, will never occur to S5. It has become possible for riders to ride S5 for long-distance travels.

Unlike other Airwheel products, S5 double-wheels electric scooter with foldable shaft can be stored in limited space. The user can more easily put S5 into his trunk when he gets around. Airwheel S5 provides with a new alternative transport for express delivery industry. Instead of cars or motorcycles, people can ride Airwheel S5 to deliver goods for consumers in a more efficient and cost-saving way, which can reduce the fuel spending as well as promote environmentally-friendliness.

S5 successfully satisfies the anticipations of all scooter-lovers. Likewise, S5 self-balancing 2 wheels scooter alongside other models in Airwheel consolidates the climax of scooter design.

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