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Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh with STRATYS-Three technology


Mumbai, March 14th 2013:Do you think your skin needs care only during the winter? It is time to break the popular myth that moisturising is essential only during winter. Our skin needs care even during the hottest season of the year; as it loses moisture every minute, thus leaving it dry and de-hydrated. Creams / lotions without moisturising actives do not last long on our skin and are therefore needed to be re applied. For skin to look and feel healthy, penetration of moisture through its layers becomes of utmost importance. So look no further, as Vaseline® Total Moistureâ„¢ Aloe Fresh body lotionwith STRATYS-3â„¢technology is the one stop solution for sheer hydration this summer that will keep your skin nourished, hydrated and refreshed for 24 hours.

Star ingredient
Aloe is the ultimate skin care treatment. It soothes, it softens and it moisturizes. Constant exposure to the sun dehydrates your skin, leaving it dry and dull. Aloe replenishes skin with its fast absorbing and non-sticky moisture, leaving your skin feeling fresh, cool and healthy.

Breakthrough technology: STRATYS-3â„¢
Creams / lotions without moisturising actives infuse glycerine in their products to attract and hold moisture, which sinks into the skin’s core while leaving the outermost surface layer vulnerable to water loss resulting in dry and unhealthy skin.  If the glycerine levels in the lotions are increased, it can result in the skin feeling sticky post application of the lotion.The STRATYS-3â„¢technology used in Vaseline® Total Moistureâ„¢ Aloe Fresh offers a better solution for delivering optimal hydration to all skin’s surface layers. Each ingredient in the Stratys-3â„¢ complex is selected for its unique ability to work optimally at a specific layer of the skin. Hence, when combined into a lotion, it can effectively take care of the top, core and deep down layers of surface skin, delivering sheer hydration to all layers of the skin, evenly.

Vaseline® Total Moistureâ„¢ Aloe Fresh has infused the goodness of Aloe Vera extracts with the winning formula of STRATYS-3â„¢.It suspends moisture across the skin’s top, core and deep down layers, ensuring that the skin remains clean, cool and hydrated in summer, giving you an unmatched fresh feel, naturally.   
For best results, Vaseline® Total Moistureâ„¢ Aloe Fresh should be applied every day after taking a shower; as at this time the skin pores are open and will allow easy absorption of the lotion, into the skin’s core. Vaseline® Total Moistureâ„¢ Aloe Fresh keeps your skin hydrated for 24 hours without the need for it to be re-applied. It replenishes skin with a burst of sheer hydration. So, leave your skin worries to Vaseline® Total Moistureâ„¢ Aloe Freshand be confident to go out this summer with beautiful skin.

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The Vaseline® journey started in 1859, with Petroleum Jelly being its first discovery. Today, Vaseline® products are available in over 60 countries across the world. Its rich heritage, healing qualities and efficacy have been passed on from generation to generation for over 130 years. 

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